Last born of the range, series 301 offers an exceptional flexibility  - for you can decide exactly which item or accessory is to be fitted onto your dyno -   and keeps however the undeniable quality  of the FUCHS test benches.

   301:  The basic dyno  

The 301 is  FUCHS’ most economic dyno

It offers the Fuchs quality of measurement at a  low price

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  301 Evolution:  The flexible dyno  

Completely flexible,  the 301 Evolution can become a high level dyno, integrating all   options and accessories,  including the Eddy Current Brake . It is completely upgradable.

The basic structure is economic but  the FUCHS quality of measurement is  exceptional

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  361:  The top of range dyno

Ultimate evolution of the series, 361 is a
top-of-the-range dyno  with  Eddy current brake.

It allows  to carry out real road simulations
(slope simulation, aerodynamic resistance…)
and to program completely automatic driving cycles.
It is also the state of the art dyno for remapping ECU, thanks to its extremely sharp RPM adjustment.

N.B. : load sensor is standard with all dynos with Eddy Current Brake !

(See Eddy Current brake section)

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